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Welcome to VikingTranslations

VikingTranslations™ is a partnership of two highly experienced professional translators working from English, German, Danish and Swedish into Norwegian. We are involved in a broad spectrum of translation assignments, but specialise in market communication and various technical subject areas.

Our ambition is always to ensure that the translated text communicates its message with the same meaning, clarity and impact as the original.

We place great emphasis, for example, on target group analyses to ensure that the message is unambiguous and easily understood.

A well formulated text needs to be much more than merely grammatically correct - especially as this is how you communicate with your market and compete for the attention of your customers.

VikingTranslations™ specialises in translations that meet the highest demands in this respect.

We are not satisfied until we are sure that our translations serve your particular needs in the best possible way.

This website gives you information and advice - both general and specific - about what is needed to ensure a good translation, as well as a few brief details about us.

We look forward to hearing from you and can assure you of our utmost care and attention to each and every assignment you send to us.

Liv Riseld – Roar Riseld
Gjuterivägen 4 D
SE - 761 40 Norrtälje

Phone: +46 176 20 80 30
Mobile: +46 70 398 80 32

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